Find Your Way Home: Review Highlights

Foster's Showcase, NH  December 2003

Andy Olmsted steps right into it, revealing an infatuation for Neil Young that resounds through his debut record, pulling all the best parts (piano, fuzz guitar, wavering vocals) to yield a bountiful harvest.  Although Young comparisons are inevitable (the Jayhawks pull in a close second), Olmsted is a true torch-bearer for roots music who should be lauded for producing a record that will spin in CD players for weeks.


8.5 out of 10  - Jam Magazine

"Over the ten songs, there isn't a bad one and the musicianship is wonderful and tight."  William A. Huffman, Jam Magazine


" ... The production of the album is excellent, showcasing above-average musicians operating an array of instruments that give the songs a rich, textured is a sound more complex than much of what music has to offer today. Olmsted is much like a modern day Neil Young..." Will Reisman, Face Magazine 12/2003


" ... it walks a line which shows an appreciation nonetheless of classic singer-songwriter-isms as well as a nod to the happily downbeat.  .....Olmsted - just a spot on acoustic artist with an ear for the things that concern us all and a fine way of expressing them. A very good record and one which takes you places you may not have been for a while."   Mark Philips, Americana-UK, (Liverpool, UK) 10/17/2003 


"It’s chock full of Seacoast talent, with members of High Range and Big Chicken, and featuring the recording and guitar talents of Dave Marshall... the musicianship is top-notch and it’s a good pickup for fans of bluegrass and folk."  Sam Pfeifle, Portland Phoenix, (Portland, ME) 09/28/2903


"The full instrumentation Olmsted and co-producer David Marshall have chosen to complement the songs, including pedal steel, piano, banjo and the noted inclusion of angelic singer Elizabeth Stephen on harmonies, gives the entire album a full, complete sound. "Find Your Way Home" is the sound of Andy Olmsted doing just that, coming back home over back roads like a countrified Odysseus."  Jamie Perkins, Spotlight  (Portsmouth NH) 09/18/2003


"The whole disc rings with superb musicianship, in fact. I can’t emphasize that enough."   Stagger Lee, (Camden, ME) 08/15/2003